Seductive & a touch of extravagance

Seductive Night

Floral-oriental with chocolate and almond accents: Seductive Night gives you a seductive, long-lasting musk scent that combines coconut and tuberose with the sweetness of jasmine and vanilla - a fragrance experience with captivating elegance.

Exclusively at dm & Rossmann
Sweet floral ensemble

Addictive Vanilla

Sweetness and sensuality for a modern classic: The elegant fragrance Addictive Vanilla envelops hair or body in the gentle warmth of vanilla. Addictive Vanilla also contains wonderful floral and intoxicating amber notes.

Exclusively at dm & Rossmann
For beautiful occasions

Electric Rose

Floral, aromatic and sweet: Electric Rose is a stunning fragrance for special occasions. The fragrance begins with notes of chocolate and patchouli and then transforms into a blossoming bouquet of roses - giving you strength and sensuality.

Exclusively at dm & Rossmann
Captivating elegance

Forever Gold

Brilliant and gracefully elegant: The Forever Gold hair perfume envelops you in an aura of seduction and pure elegance. Delicate notes of jasmine and roses meet warm notes of amber and delicate vanilla - the perfect scent for an unforgettable evening!

Exclusively at dm & Rossmann
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